Rasmalai Ki Recipe

 Ingredients for Rasmalai Ki Recipe

Chhena – 250 grams


Sugar – 400 grams (2 cups)


milk – 1 liter


Saffron – kesar- 15-20 pieces (if you wish)


Cashew nuts – -15-16 (cut small pieces)


Chironji – – 1 table spoon (clear)


Small cardamom –  3-4 (peel and peel)


Method of making  Rasmalai

Put the chhana in some plate (thali) and knead the math with the hand, make it smooth and soft, in this way the china becomes very soft like flour. This is ready to make chhaina.


– Take a little china from this chaana, keep it round and flattened in the plate. Make all the shells in such a way (make like this) and keep them in the plate. 12 to 14 balls will be made from 250 gram chhana.

– Mix 350 grams of sugar and 3 cups of water in a vessel and keep it on gas.


Keep a strong gas flame so that the water starts to boil quickly, when the boiling water starts boiling, mix it completely in the sugar water, then put all the shells made from chenna in this boiling water. And cook for 18-20 minutes.


– Always boil in the water, make the rasmalai on the fastest gas (tej), boiling the balls and doubling in size (twice in shape).


– For the rasmalai, round chhaina is ready, keep them ready to let it cool.


– Now we prepare milk for juice cream


– Place the milk on the gas to boil the milk.


Keep stirring with a spoon in a little while after boiling, add saffron and dry fruits to the milk.


When the quantity of milk is close to half or 40-50%, turn the gas off, add sugar and cardamom in the milk.


– Milk (milk) is ready for rasmalai.


– Rasmalai’s balls from sugar water (sugar water-chashni), and put all the spicy balls in the milk (mix in milk), the juice is ready.


Take out rasmalai in the cup, remove it in the plate and decorate it with chopped pistachios, chironji and cashew nuts and keep it cool in the fridge.


– Cool food and eat it.

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