Paneer Cake Recipe

Paneer Cake Recipe


Ingredients for making Paneer cake
150 grams – Paneer
100 gms – flour
2 tablespoons – baking soda
1 tablespoon – baking powder
1 cup – Milk
50 gms – ghee
50 gms – cream or cream
100 gms – sugar

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Paneer Cake Recipe – how to make eggless cake

First, mix baking powder, baking soda, and flour in a bowl.
Now suppress the cheese with your hands properly and make the plane.
Now mix the cottage cheese, ghee, and sugar well and add the plain cheese to it, mix well.
Now mix the mixture of milk and paneer mixture in a mixer of fine flour and keep it for 10 minutes.
Now put it in the microwave bowl and keep it at 180-degree temperature for 20 mint.
Take out the cake and serve.

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