Mango Cake Recipe – Eggless Cake Recipe

Ingredients for Mango Cake Recipe – Eggless Cake

1 cup – flour
1/2 cup – semolina
4 tablespoon – Makhan
1/2 cup – sugar
100 gms – milk
1 spoon – vanilla extract
1 spoon – baking soda
2 pinches – salt
1 – Mango Mango
2 tablespoons – cashew nuts

Mango Cake Recipe - Top indian food Blogger- Learn Indian Cooking by Hitesh jain
How to make mango cake without egg at home
First, put the milk in a large vessel and boil it by putting saffron in it. Now turn off the gas and let the milk cool down.
Now mix roasted semolina, flour, salt, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl well and keep it well.
Now make the curry tight and add the vanilla extract to it.
Now mix the flour mixture with flour and mix it well. Mix cashew nuts in the mixer and mix it well.
Now set the microwave oven to 165 pounds and bake 30-35 mints by putting all the mixture in a bowl.
Take the mango cake is there.

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