Besan Ki Barfi

 Ingredients for Besan Barfi Recipe

Besan – 2 cups (250 gms)


Sugar – Filled up to 1 cup top (250 grams)


desi ghee – 1 cup (200 g)


Milk – 2 tablespoons


Cashew nuts  – 2 tablespoons


Pistachios -1 tablespoon


Small cardamom – 4


 Method  make Besan Barfi Recipe


Put the gram flour in a plate or plate, mix milk and 2 tablespoons of ghee (ghee) and mix it with the hands of both hands, mix gram flour, ghee and milk properly. By mixing the mixture with a steel wire (steel taar wali chhalni) sieve, prepare the gram flour.


– After the formation of granule in the gram flour, the taste of Besan Barfi increases manifold.


– By doing 6-8 pieces of cashew. Take pistachio thin and thin in length. Peel the cardamom and make a fine powder by making a fine powder.


– Put ghee in the pan and heat it. Put the gram flour prepared in the ghee and roast it on medium flame, stirring the gram flour until it gets a good smell or light brown or till the ghee is separated from the gram flour.

– Take out the roasted gram flour in a plate and keep it aside.


– Put sugar and half cup of water in the pan, after sugar dissolves, make chashni for 2 minutes and check it.


– Spoon a little sugar in a plate with a bowl, and after the cooling of the syrup, look for a sticky stick with a finger and thumb. Cook the syrup until it turns 2 layer.


– After making the syrup, add besan and cook for 1-2 minutes while stirring, mixing it together. Mix cashew and cardamom powder (ilaichi powder) and mix  it, which has reached the consistency. Make a check.


Add some ghee to a plate or tray, smooth it, put a mixture of barfi in the plate, and lay it on the same plate, lay the chopped pistachios on top of barfi, Press the spoon (press).


Barfi (besan burfi) keep it frozen, the barfi becomes frozen in 1-2 hours.


Make frozen gram flour (Besan Barfi) in your favorite pieces and cut it into shapes.


Ready To Serve.

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