Banana Cake Recipe

Ingredients for Banana Cake Recipe:

Wheat Flour-1 cup (Maida)

Bananas – (more ripe than bitter) – 2

Oil- 1/2 cup

Pie Sugar – Sugar Powder- 3/4 Cup

Baking Powder –  1/2 Tsp

Sweet Soda – (Meetha Soda)- 1/4 Tsp

Milk – according to need (about 3/4 cups)

Lemon juice –  1/4 Tsp

ENO- 1/4 Tsp

Salt – pinch filled

Vanilla Essence – 3-4 drops

Pure Ghee – (for baking dish to Greece) – as per the requirement


How to Make Banana Cake –

To make banana cake, first mix the flour, sweet soda, baking powder and sugar powder.

Filter the mixture 3-4 times with filtrate. Keep this mixture of flour on one side.

Mix three-fourths of a cup of milk and oil into a vessel (mix well properly). Blend it until the mixture will be white and smooth like milk.

Take mashed it for more ripe bananas. Put in a mixture of milk and oil. Tuck all the ingredients together till they meet. In this mixture, add 2 tablespoons of flour (which we have made above – which I share above) and blow well. Likewise, add a mixture of maida and add the mixture slowly. Keep in mind that knots should not fall into the solution. Keep the solution slightly too thick. The solution is so thick that the slurry falls on falling from the spoon, but not easily but easily. If the solution looks very thick, add some milk and add more milk.

When making Banana Cake, keep in mind that bananas required to be used in it should be cooked more than necessary.

Do not blink until the solution is smooth, for about 3-4 minutes, not more than enough. Then put it in the vanilla essence and grab a little more.

Apply a little pure ghee to the baking dish and smooth it from all sides.

Keep the oven for 10 minutes pre-heat. Then insert the add eno in the solution. Insert lemon juice over them. After adding lemon juice, some bubbles will come in the solution. Now mix the solution lightly (mix them slightly) and put it in a smooth baking dish.

Take a baking dish so big that they fill the solution up to three-fourths only.

Place the dish filled with the solution in the preheated oven. Keep it for 35-40 minutes to bake at 180 degrees.

To check that the cake is cooked – after about 30 minutes, remove the pin it in the cake after ghee on the point of the knife. If the cake does not stick on the Knife then it means that the cake is ready. If the cake sticks on the knife then it means the cake needs more baking.

Remove the cake from the oven after baking and cut its slices when it cools. Serve the banana cake.


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